About Ellybelly

As a little girl, my sisters and I would look for that special gift under our christmas tree, Every year my mum would make us a very special ragdoll. We would spend hours playing with and comparing our dolls.
As an adult I spent years at college learning to create through design, and sewing a vast array of different creations.
Now as a mum myself of two special children I feel its time to make my own little girl a very special ragdoll.
I have kept to the traditions of using different fabrics on their legs, always having a pair of knickers and having no mouths (my ragdolls always kept my secrets). Finally, a heart button creates the perfect little nose.
As for my little girl, she has now become my biggest critic. She is quick to inform me when my ragdolls look awesome. Only then am I able to add them to my website under the name ♥Ellybelly.

I hope you love them as much as I love making them.

Shelley x

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